The Legerdemain Betrayers

Captured and sentenced to death, four magicians are forced to fight back against the magic-using community that they never knew existed.
42 pgs. / Full Color / PDF / $10

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The Legerdemain Betrayers is a roleplaying game with unique playing card-based mechanics for a group of two-to-four players and a Narrator. Set in a dark, gritty Los Angeles where magic is not only real but extremely dangerous, players assume the roles of four enterprising magicians who have been using their supernatural talents to enhance their acts. The four quickly find themselves in trouble, though, when they discover that there is a whole society of magic-users who are sworn to protect the practice's secrecy.

"A deck of cards. Magicians. Urban fantasy. MAGICIANS. Sold."
-m_busuttil, Story Games
"You have these guys on a corner making some money, but it turns out there's this larger organization going on - there's this larger world that they're apart of and they're starting to discover it - and that's a really cool idea ... I do like the idea of there being this kind of seedy underworld under the bright, happy stuff."
-GagMen RPG Podcast
"The Legerdemain Betrayers is very interesting ... and has loads of potential ... what's there is definitely worth the time you would put into playing a handful of games."
-Roleplayers Chronicle