Five adventurers defy the orders of their Emperor and set off across the sea in search of a magical, lost continent believed to have disappeared long ago if, in fact, it existed at all.
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God-king is a roleplaying game with playing card-based mechanics for three-to-five players and a Narrator. Each player has a distinct role that is integral to the survival of the group, meaning everyone must work together in order to succeed. Things are complicated, though, as each of the characters have their own specific reasons for joining the journey that will put them at odds with the others.

"The book itself looks like a piece of art... It's actually really, really f---ing cool. I really dig this game."
-2 GMs, 1 Mic

"...a game that has a rich background - something to let my imagination race. This story peaked my interest and now... I want to find this lost civilization!!"

"The social mechanics of this game are really what makes it shine... Seeing something like this, that's so full of creative ideas, is f---ing refreshing."
-Mom's Basement Podcast